Columbia is all about making the outdoors accessible to everyone. So when it comes to launching
a new a new pair of hyper-grippy hiking shoes, they’re not going all ad puffery and claiming they’ll make
you The GOAT on the trail. Just more like a goat on the trail—confidently at home in wild and wily places.

"Be The Goat" Film :30

The same outdoors for all vibe extends to ski wear, where a lot of brands are playing in the bros-and-pros-
crushing-the-backcountry world. Maybe you are that elite skier. Or maybe you are french frying down a bunny slope.
Or more the apres all day type. This little slice of life on the hill film pretty much says if you’re out there, you Speak Mountain. 

"Speak Mountain" Film 

The outdoors are a trip. Just get out there.

"Get HIKED!" Film