Not REEgan.

As you may have deduced, it’s been a lifetime of mispronunciation. And presidential cracks.
If you must know, I wasn’t named after the 40th president; my parents were into the occult,
and named me after the little girl in The Exorcist.

Okay, that’s a lie. But it usually halts that ad nauseum question in its tracks. I promise not to
lie anymore. On this page. If I had to stop lying altogether, well then I’d need a new profession.

In my nearly 20 years in the ad industry, I’ve won a handful of awards and many more pitches.
I’ve managed accounts, creative departments, and to sell great work to some challenging clients.
Put me in a small room—alone or in good company—and I’ll help generate and steer great ideas.
Put me in a (hopefully) larger room with those who hold the purse strings, and I’ll help sell them.
And yeah, two dimensional me does just fine remotely too.

Creative Director / Copywriter (I’m a sucker for nostalgia)
2002 University of Texas at Austin - BS Advertising / Business Foundations

Present - CD/CW - Freelance (Los Angeles, CA)
2021-2022 - GCD - Camp+King (San Francisco/Chicago - remote from LA)
2019-2021 - CD/CW - Freelance (Los Angeles, CA)
2018-2019 - GCD - Campbell Ewald (Los Angeles, CA)
2014-2018 - CD/CW - Freelance (Los Angeles, CA)
2012-2014 - ACD - Leo Burnett (Chicago, IL)
2008-2012 - Sr CW - Havas (Chicago, IL)
2006-2008 - CW - SK+G (Las Vegas, NV)
2004-2006 - CW - Heil Brice (Newport Beach, CA)